Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another one of my own

The pumpkin quilt is hanging in my kitchen. It looks very nice there. I see it from my front door when I walk in the house. Very nice greeting.

The Lovers Knot is now just waiting for binding. It is big enough for my bed and then some. I worked on this one a few years ago while caring for my Mom. I took my machine to her house and whenever she napped I would sew. I finally finished it last fall or sometime last year. It has just been waiting for an open space in the quilting schedule.

Today I need to load a customer quilt and also hope to prep some more flowers for the DWR.
My friend Sylvia and I are working on our own little BOM also. I need to finish block 1 today. I can't believe Oct is just right around the corner.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I figured out why I couldn't upload any pictures. Forgot to check the agreement to terms box.

Getting Things Done

I'm sure that the few people that read my blog have seen these pictures from the message board but I am going to put them here also. I can move some things around on my lists too!!

Labor day weekend and this weekend have been mostly sewing for myself!! A couple of customer quilts thrown in. It feels good to get some quilts on to their next respective stages.

I have to take some time out today for household chores but hope to get back to sewing this afternoon.

Guess I will have to add pics later, can't seem to do it now.