Monday, December 14, 2009

Still Here

Still here, still plugging away at the usual. Doesn't seem like there is ever any extra time to blog. If I could only teach the dogs to help me with the housework...

I have been doing a little Christmas sewing. Dylan's I Spy quilt is made and has arrived in CA. I am now working on Kendall's. I should be able to put the rows together tonight and get it quilted sometime this week. My goal was to have it done by Sunday but that didn't work out.

I installed new blinds in my bedroom on Sunday, which took most of the day. It shouldn't have, but it did. Lucky stays in my room when I am gone. One day I forgot to pull up one of the blinds so he could see out. There are windows on both sides of my bed. My house is on a little hill so he has a birds eye view of the back yard and the neighbors back yard. Apparently he likes both blinds open so he just ripped the one I left down in half. So I hope to remember to pull both of them up before leaving. I also installed the one remaining intact blind in the guest room where he had eaten a little hole in the that blind. He sure has cost me a lot of $ over the years!
This picture of Lucky makes me laugh every time I look at it. This is probably how he feels when I tell people about the bad things he does.

I am off to tidy up the kitchen and head over to Kendall's to babysit today. Looks like a nice day - no rain so maybe we get a little walk in today.