Friday, December 31, 2010

Destructo Dog

He looks harmless.
Another Christmas quilt from a Thimbleberries pattern. This one has also been in the works for a long time. Again, 2004 maybe. It goes in the waiting to be quilted stack.

Not What I Expected

The last couple of years there has been way too much snow for North Carolina. I don't like it a bit, not one bit!

Holiday Lights by Alex Anderson, a retreat project from 2009. My version is minus the lights but I added some crystals. I still have to put more on but it did have enough to hang. It sparkles in the sun, love it!

Happy New Year

I have been busy, enjoying the season, working on projects. I finally finished Hometown Christmas. I think I started this one in 2004 or 5, can't remember when it came out. It is finished and on the guest bed. These pics are all from my cell phone - so not the best but quick and fun.
Little Kendall all snuggled in under the new quilt. She was over for a baking weekend. We had a great time. I wish the other grand kids lived closer but Noelle and her family were here for the week of Thanksgiving. It was so nice to have 4 of the grand kids together. Lucky was busy. He must have seen a cat in the backyard. He is a rescued dog, I am beginning to understand why he was homeless. This is the second set of blinds for the bedroom, each set gets cheaper. Think I am going to vinyl this time.

Some of the string blocks for Bonnie Hunter's current mystery.

A customer's t-shirt quilt. I didn't just quilt this one but made it start to finish.

Just some of the things keeping me busy. I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year holiday! Stay safe and keep stitching!!