Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

After returning from the frozen North I am enjoying the much warmer weather. I had forgotten how truly cold 0 degrees can be!!!

I am staying in tonight, having some wine, working on some cross stitching. I used to do a lot of stitching but not so much anymore. Had to dig out the magnifying glasses! So it's a quiet evening here with the boys.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Goodies in the Mail

Early arrivals for Alex's retreat had the opportunity to gather at In Between Stitches for a sew night and shopping the evening before retreat. There was a beautiful quilt displayed on the wall that several of us fell in love with, of course the kit was sold out. Since so many of us wanted the quilt kit Melissa kindly consented to making more up and mailing them to us and she even paid the postage. So that's one more on the list to have finished by next years retreat. The fabrics are beautiful - can't wait to get started. But--- I have a few things to finish first!! Today's agenda includes getting a couple blocks made for Marlene's quilt. They WILL be in the mail on Monday along with little Dylan's Christmas present. Guess it doesn't do any good to get the shopping done and not mail the presents. I also have to finish 3 small customer quilts and I am hoping to get Arlena's I Spy quilt at least put together this weekend. I'm going to be busy!! I still have a few fabrics to get for the I Spy but I did have quite a stash left from the one I made for Mason a couple years ago.

I also have to make a decision. I found a dog sitter for next week and may go back to Indiana for Christmas. I just can't decide to go or not. Whether I stay here or go I won't be with any of my kids for Christmas and it's cold in Indiana. So - just don't know.


Warm Feet

The slippers are finished and mighty warm. They have felt good on these nippy nights we have been having. Carol

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have been playing with pictures instead of doing all the other things I should be doing. I put together this grouping of some of my family from their visit this past summer. It's mostly Mary's fault - Mary Quilts. Com. I have been reading her blog and admiring her great pictures. Now I must get to work, I have quilts to quilt!! Carol

Friday, November 28, 2008


I was a little surprised to see these Turkeys just off the deck of the kids' apartment. I really don't think of turkeys running around in the Bay Area. There is a nature preserve a little further up in the hills from where the kids live. I guess the turkeys and deer wander down quite often.


Visiting my Son and his family

I enjoyed my visit with Neal, Monika and Dylan. Dylan is really on the move these days.
He does enjoy taking all his toys out of the toy box and sitting in it. He is now into climbing - on everything he can climb on.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It is a beautiful day here in NC. I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my daughter and her family. The pie is in the oven now and I am making the deviled eggs and taking the rolls. The rest is up to Sherry. Makes for an easy day!!

My trip to CA was wonderful. I enjoyed seeing my son and his family, visiting with Sylvia and of course attending retreat. Pictures another day.

Please keep my friend Marlene of Pincushion Diaries in your prayers. She is very ill. Debi of A Quilting Journey is collecting quilt blocks for a quilt for Marlene. Please stop by her blog for details.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Retreat

I forgot to mention that Thursday afternoon begins the retreat!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again. The retreat lasts until Sunday, then Sylvia and I will meet with my son and his family before heading back to Woodland. Monday will be a day for Sylvia and me to do whatever we feel like and then I come home on Tuesday. Poor Syl, I have an early morning flight on Tues. I hate that she will have to get up so early to take me to the airport but I really didn't have a choice.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Still cleaning, done quilting

I finished and delivered the last customer quilt that had to be done before I leave. What a relief, but I will have to be hard at it when I return.

I am finishing cleaning tonight. It's like remodeling - every time I clean one thing it leads to another. If I weren't cleaning for company I would call it finished. I do have the guest room about ready. Sheets are in the washer.

I still need to pack. Some of it is done, most of the clothes but I have to get the hand projects packed in my carry on and I still need to charge and download some stuff to my IPod. I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

I will be babysitting little Dylan Monday and Tuesday, then Tuesday evening my son will drive me to Sylvia's in Woodland. We will drive back to Livermore on Wed and meet some other early arrivals for a sew night at a really nice quilt shop in Livermore, In Between Stitches. I'm not sure what is on the agenda for Thur. morning but I think it might involve having breakfast with friends and some shopping. Did I say I was excited? C'mon Sunday morning, I can't wait to get on that plane!!

I do have to add that I am really going to miss Kendall and my boys. But I know the puppies will be spoiled while I am gone. It's so nice not to have to worry over them!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cleaning and Quilting

I have been cleaning this morning, getting the house ready for my brother and his wife. They will stay here and take care of my dogs while I am in CA. I am getting so excited! I will be attending the Alex Anderson retreat and visiting my son and his family and staying a couple days with Sylvia. I always look forward to this trip.

I mailed my quilt off last week and it arrived safe at Sylvia's house. That is such a relief. My project for this year was in with it, now all I have to do is pack, finish cleaning and get a couple quilts quilted. I finally got a little shopping done yesterday, still a few things on my list to get on Monday. I should get the lawn mowed one more time but that is last on my list.


Friday, October 31, 2008

5 years

I almost forgot. I retired 5 years ago today. How the time flies!! Looking back I guess I would have to say that had I known what the future held I would not have taken an early retirement. On the other hand my life has been an adventure and lots more fun than if I had stayed at my job and in the frozen north. I love living in North Carolina, living near the ocean is a dream come true. I have made some wonderful new friends here and I guess I am kind of proud of myself for being able to survive on my own. It isn't always easy but it has been a challenge!



After a lot of trial and error I got this picture to post. Not the best picture but she was so cute.

Happy Halloween

Dylan is Batman this evening and Kendall is a scary spider. I will have to work on Kendall's picture. For some reason I can't get it to post. I haven't heard what the other 2 grand kids are doing for Halloween. Can't wait to see their pictures too.


Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Done!!

It's finally finished. My neutral Storm at Sea. I love it. My favorite quilts seem to come from Alex's retreat. I'm so excited to have this one finished in time to take to retreat. It will be here before I know it and I'm just about ready. I have been very busy getting this quilt finished, the project for this year's retreat all cut out and I also finished cutting out the last step for Orange Crush. I have that set aside to take too. I still have to make some lotto blocks, get the scrap swap blocks together and go shopping for some new jeans and tops. I didn't get the Double Wedding Ring finished for my son but I am working on that one now. I really need to get that finished. Guess I was kind of selfish for concentrating on the SAS but I'll work hard on theirs now.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Snowman x 9 and the neutral quilt

One of my customers made her grand kids these really cute snowman wall hangings. There are nine of them, all meandered. So cute.
The neutral quilt is pieced!!! The binding is ready. I hope to get it quilted on Monday. I will not be taking care of Kendall on Monday since it is a holiday and Brandon will be off work. Now to concentrate on the double wedding ring. I know it is too much to hope for but I would sure like to get it done by the end of this month. I will be going to the Bay area in Nov. and would like to deliver it in person.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Heartstrings Sew In

These are a few of the blocks I finished last weekend for the Heartstrings sew in. I think I have 36 total. I had intended to get them in the mail this past week but I failed. I will go to the PO in the morning and get them on their way.

Pink and Brown

This is the pink and brown string quilt that I like so much.
These are the fabrics I purchased yesterday for one of my own. I know I will have to get more fabric but this is a start. Sherry and Kendall were waiting in the truck for me so I didn't want to take forever getting fabric. I used my $20.00 free card and a little extra. This will get me started.

I have been working on quilting a set of 12 wall hangings from a customer and getting my last row on the neutral quilt. I finished knitting one slipper and started another one. That's about it for this week.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Goodies

Not only did I receive 3 packages in the mail today I bought this cute birdhouse. There were several different styles but I thought since I lived near the coast the lighthouse was the one for me. I think it is just so cute.

I received two Australian Homespun magazines today and a couple of new stencils that I will be using this weekend. Also, my scrapbooking software came today. I haven't opened that box yet. I have the thought that maybe if I do my scrapbooking on the computer I will get it done a little faster. Have to unearth the photo printer and get it hooked up. I think it is in the closet in the quilting room. Of course it is on the bottom of the stack of project boxes.

A couple of pictures of recent customer quilts. I love the pink and brown combo. She also did the pink and brown in a string quilt. Guess those pictures are on my other camera. Will have to post that one later. I just fell in love with it. I did find that fabric but I keep telling myself that I have enough projects and fabric and so far haven't ordered it. I do know one of the shops in town have some of that line and I have a card for $20.00 in free fabric from that shop. It will probably have to come home with me one of these days.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Traveling Children

Neal, Monika and Dylan are on their way to the Czech Republic. They left this morning for a 3 week visit. They will be visiting Monika's Mother and some other family members. I'm sure Dylan's Grandmother is anxious to meet Dylan (and Neal too). I hope they have a safe and enjoyable trip. Neal said it will take them about 20 hours to get to their destination. Such a long trip with a baby!! This picture was taken when they visited this past summer. My Son in law, Brandon, is off for two weeks to Virginia for training. He has nine more years to go for retirement from the Marines. I think he is getting a little weary of the long hours and time away from home.

I am getting into so much trouble visiting blogs. I ordered some wool and knitting needles to make a felted purse that I saw on Thimbleanna's blog. I used to knit a lot but now just once in awhile. I'm really getting the urge to try some socks too but they look hard. I'm a pretty basic knitter.

I will be joining along in the block party for Heartstrings this weekend. I am still working on the neutral quilt, wondering if I will ever get done. I thought I would have it quilted by now. What have I been doing?, or yeah the yard. I need to get more of the yard planted in shrubs and flowers so I will have less grass to cut!

It is a wonderful cool day today. Hopefully Kendall and I will be able to take a walk around her neighborhood today.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Always Something

Thankfully it has cooled off in the evenings and I am making progress on the grass. As always progress in one area leads to other things needing attention. Opened the gate to the back yard tonight and that darn board on the gate that has been dragging on the ground finally pulled all the way off. After nailing it back on, which wasn't an easy task, I discovered I had nailed it on upside down. So - off it came. I finally got it on but the board is warped so there is an opening at the bottom. I think I will have to check into a new gate and someone to put it up. My son in law put up the fence and gates for me when I moved here but he is so busy now that I just can't ask him to take the time to fix it.

On the sewing front I have made the additional diamonds I needed for the neutral quilt and another Heartstrings block. I also put together one row of this months elimination project from a quilt group I belong to. I finished 2 customer quilts and have another one loaded and ready. My last customer had a beautiful pink and brown string quilt. I'll post a picture next time. It sent me on a search for fabrics but I could only find a few of the collection. I guess that's a good thing. I really don't need anymore fabric.

The dogs are telling me to get off the computer and get them some water. It's such hard work for them to watch me push the lawn mower.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Measure Twice, Cut Once

A few Heartstrings blocks finally done, slowly but surely. When I went back to my quilt room to cut the Designer BOM's I wanted to do tonight there were a few pieces of fabrics left over from previous projects. I cut those into strips, that took awhile but made a big difference in the cluttered cutting table. I finally started cutting the BOM's. Got the 3rd block all finished.
Unfortunately I was too hasty in cutting the 4th block. This is as far as I could go until more fabric arrives. I cut my piece 2 1/2 inches instead of 3 1/2 inches. That's the bad thing about BOM's, you really don't have any extra fabric for mistakes.
No sewing on the neutral quilt tonight. Don't know if I will get to it tomorrow or not. I have a trip to the library and to the fresh vegetable stand planned for morning and then I will be off to watch Kendall for the afternoon and evening. Maybe I will get a little applique done while she naps.


Just Swingin'

It has been very hot and humid here in North Carolina this past week. Kendall wasn't a bit bothered by it. She loves to go outside and swing. I really don't know if it's the swinging she likes or just the getting in and out of the swing. Needless to say, the little bundle of energy keeps me busy.

Not too much sewing going on. I am still working on the neutral quilt, ran out of diamonds so I am in the process of cutting and getting those made. Also have been making progress on some heartstring blocks. This evening I think I will get caught on the Designer BOM. I have two blocks to make to be caught up on that one. This week I plan on getting the yard work caught up again - it's never ending.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Quilts

This is the Thimbleberries one that I just finished hanging in my bedroom. There may be a mixture of Thimbleberrie fabric and other brands of fabric. I don't remember anymore. This one is in the kitchen. Again, this one is many years old. It is hanging by my messy computer desk.

Fall Quilts

I've put my fall quilts out. This one is a round robin.
This one is a kwik krazy with Dear Jane Halloween swap blocks in the border. This is my Welcome Home quilt from retreat a couple years ago. This is one of my favorite quilts.

I think I made the banner last year and the folded wall hanging was made a long time ago.
This little wall hanging is a Thimbleberries pattern made with scraps. It has been around a long time too.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hanna was here about 3:30 this morning. I was out of power for a couple of hours. Everything seems to be fine, haven't found any damage around the house or yard. I am so thankful. Hanna was just a tropical storm but that wind was way too strong for my taste.

The boys have electronic collars which do not have a place for name tags. So I stopped to pick up collars for them but didn't get tags. I was able to write their phone number on the collars with a sharpie except for Emmett's. The only one left in his size was black so I did a quickie embroidery job last night. Worked out pretty good. I didn't get it lined up very well but it did the trick.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting ready for the storm

I have been spending this evening getting patio furniture and other yard stuff in. Tomorrow I have to get the grill around to the garage and bring in the hanging flower basket and wind chimes. Then I guess I'm ready. May tape the windows, will see if the storm is upgraded. We are under a hurricane - tropical storm watch until Sat. evening. Hope it goes out to sea.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beautiful Babies

Here are three of my beautiful grand children. Arlena, 16 months, Mason, 3, and Kendall, 14 months. Looks like Mason is enjoying his "oldest" responsibilities. Carol

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This is the view of the ocean yesterday. I took this at my half way point during my bike ride. I got a late start yesterday. It was very hot and humid. I was surprised that the beach was not crowded but by the time I got back to my car the parking lot was full with many more beach goers. I haven't accomplished nearly what I had planned for this weekend. After I got home from my bike ride I mowed the back yard. It took me twice as long as usual because of the heat and the fact that the grass was pretty tall and thick. I didn't take care of it last week. So after getting the back yard done I was pretty much done for the day.

I also have been taking care of Sherry's dogs this week while she is visiting family in Indiana. I think I have made about 30 trips to her house to care for her dogs. Good thing she lives just a couple miles away. Lucy and Derby are great dogs. I know they will be glad when their family gets home. I think Lucy is really missing little Kendall. They are great friends.

I did manage to get the binding on this quilt while sitting with the dogs in the evenings. I just have one spot to finish, the backing got folded over when I sewed on the binding. I should be able to manage getting that done today. This is my flannel Thimbelberries quilt that I made many years ago, before I had a quilting machine, so I sent this one out to be quilted. I never put the binding on because, as I discovered when I started to finish it (I had forgotten) the backing was short. It was short on three corners. I can understand 2 corners but the third one kind of puzzles me. Anyway, I was able to add on to it and even had the fabric to match the border for the binding. Glad this one is done.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm Getting There

I have been working on customer quilts and working on my neutral storm at sea. It is finally taking shape. I have a few more diamonds to make to complete seven rows. I hope to get it all together this weekend but I do have some outside chores to do. With all the rain we have had lately the grass is hard to keep up with.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

UFO Eliminated

I made this Thimbleberries quilt many years ago. I quilted it last weekend and finished stitching the binding down last night. I used the pantograph Maple Syrup. I would like to think that my piecing skills have improved since making this one but it looks okay. Guess it's time to get some of the other fall quilts out and scatter around the house.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I finally got started. I am trying the leaders and enders, so far - so good. I need to get a lot more strips cut and in a basket by the machine. Just kind of got a feel for it last night, I think it will work. Working on the strings I remembered that I made a string quilt for myself last year. It must be in the to be quilted basket or maybe the waiting for borders basket. I will have to look it up. I remember it was done in aqua and brown and was very pretty. Maybe I will pull that out and get it on the machine between customer quilts.

I did get one of my quilts quilted last weekend. I machine stitched the binding down last night and will take it to Kendall's and hand stitch while she naps today.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Little Sewing

Progressing on the neutral quilt. These are the large SIS and I am almost finished with the smaller SIS's. Then I will be ready to start assembling the quilt.


A Productive Week

I finished 4 customer quilts this week. Three of them were small. The first one is three dimensional so I just did a meander on that one. The next one I used Ebb and Flow, followed by Popcorn and then on the last one Butterfly Flurry. The last quilt had 4 pieces of embroidery so I just stopped the panto at the embroidery rectangles and meandered around the embroidery.