Sunday, June 26, 2011


The grand kids were glad to see their Daddy again, even if they don't look all that happy in the picture. He was just gone for a month this time but I am sure it felt like forever to them. Grady is a real Daddy's boy so he was quite unhappy the first week or so without his Daddy around.

Change of plans for today. The smoke from a couple wild fires several miles away is very heavy this morning. This past week the winds have carried the smoke in this direction, today it looks like a slight fog outside. Not going to work outside in that.

Maybe I will load a quilt.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where Does the Time Go

Looking at my list of finished quilts for 2011 I am realizing that I haven't done very much! I was moving right along getting ufo's put together but it seems the quilting process has stopped the progress. The machine is free for the moment. I have 3 small customer quilts to do but my customer doesn't want them until Nov so I could be doing something of my own, but no, it is just sitting there idle. I must do something about that but I have a full day of yard work ahead of me tomorrow. I received a couple of plants as gifts so that has put in motion a whole little landscaping adventure. I need to put down some landscaping web, get some dirt, buy a couple of shepherds hooks and some mulch as well as some bricks. I have a couple of outdoor flame less candle lanterns to put on the shepherds hooks among the plants, place the bricks in the ground and put the swing on them. Should be pretty and doable in one day. We shall see. I guess it kind of depends on how hot and humid it is tomorrow.

I did have a wonderful week with my brother and his family. Mike and I got a lot of bike riding in. We did a little over 60 miles for the week. I will add a picture of the point on Emerald Isle. One of the spots we rode to, one of my favorite places to be. It is where the ocean meets the sound, a beautiful beach. It's usually not very crowded on this part of the beach, I guess because the parking is very limited. There were a handful of people on the beach but as you can see, plenty of space to relax and reflect.

Off to do some sewing, have to add to the pile of unquilted tops!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finally Here

They are here!! This is an especially happy reunion this year. Wendy spent the bulk of this past year fighting breast cancer. She went through surgery, chemo and radiation and has another surgery ahead of her in a couple weeks, not cancer related but still another surgery. She is feeling and looking great! It is so good to be together again!! My southern pork bbq was a hit, we all ate too much. Some serious bike riding and beach walking are going to have to take place this week!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Almost Here

My brother and his family will be here late this afternoon. Can't wait!! They are looking forward to this hot weather we are having, they say it has been cold in Indiana this Spring. It is going to be a great week!!