Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pennsylvania Dutch and Eventide

Pennsylvania Dutch was my Feb goal. I am pleased to say that it is finished. I did change it a little. I left off the pieced border that was to go between the two borders and pieced a scrappy binding instead. I did notice a mistake after it was all finished and I had hung it on the wall. Too late now! This quilt was a BOM from the FQS. The fabric is Wiscasset by Minick and Simpson. It is quilted with a very simple panto, Ebb and Flow. The thread I used is red, white and blue from YLI. I am very thrilled to have it finished.These are the left over fabrics from PD. Lots of them! I decided to use them on another project I started this month. I have joined Thelma of Cupcakes N Daisies blog for the Eventide sew in. This is my first block. I am not thrilled with my colors but I think once it gets in the mix it will be okay. I usually cut everything before I start a quilt but even though I have the majority cut out I will be cutting as I go for the star centers and the "something else" pieces in this block. Most of the background is from stash and I can see that I will have to add a few other pieces but it will still be mostly Wiscasset. I am excited to get more blocks done, hopefully tonight!Poor Lucky. He has his ball and is ready to go. This picture was taken on Sunday when our temps were in the 70's. I think he is wondering how I could stay inside and sew on such a beautiful day! I did give in to that sad face and together with Grayson enjoyed some beautiful sunshine!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Roll, roll cotton boll

It's done!! Seems like it took forever but only since November. It did turn out much nicer than I imagined. I didn't get a picture of the border but that is what pulls it altogether. The great thing about this quilt is that it is all scraps and stash! You would think that it would have put a dent in all those neutral scraps but really, not so much. It was a wonderful 70 degrees here today. Of course that is not lasting long, back down in the 50's tomorrow but oh so much better than a lot of other places. This is more like NC kind of winter weather.

Next project is Pennsylvania Dutch BOM from the fqs. Starting tomorrow evening!