Saturday, May 21, 2011


K had her first dance recital today.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Grand son Grady and Grand dog Mickey.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Picture

Finally, a picture of my lovely prize from Carrie. Such beautiful fabric and such a generous gift!! I love the schnibbles patterns, hope to get them all made! There are six schnibbles patterns (the new ones), 2 charm packs of Maison de Garance, a project bag, a fat eighth bundle of Pom Pom de Paris and a fat quarter bundle of Charlevox!!! I haven't opened any of the fabric packages yet. I had hoped to make the April Le Petite project but I just didn't get it done. I have been very busy with customer quilting and lots of yard work, with lots more yard work still to do. I cheated a little this year. I bought the planter refills instead of individual plants, that was a time saver. So the planters are filled, flower boxes on the porch rail are filled and I added 3 new rose bushes, some ornamental grass, hung a fern at the side of the walk and added some ornamental grass, hosta and a few more iris. I think I am done, just have to do a little weeding and trimming. The yard is fertilized, now for some rain!

I took a break from everything today and went out to Emerald Isle and did a little shopping for beach wear. My brother and his family will be at the beach for the first week of June. I am really looking forward to their visit. We just hang out at the beach for the entire week so I had to have some appropriate beach wear!! My brother and I will be doing some major bike riding too - he is the only person I know that likes to ride as much as I do. I usually ride alone, not nearly as much fun!

I am off to load a quilt of my own now. It is one that I finished last summer, about time to get it quilted!