Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gradyn Nicolas

Gradyn Nicolas arrived on Monday, weighing 9 lbs and 8 oz. Gradyn and his Mom are doing fine and should be home today. We are having a winter storm this weekend, the roads aren't bad yet so I hope they get out of the hospital before things go down hill.
On the quilting front the DWR is finally ready to be quilted. After getting a couple of customer quilts done this weekend hopefully I can get it finished this week!

Monday, January 4, 2010

It Was Pretty

My first finish of 2010. This poor quilt, I think I started it in 99, it was one of the first to be quilted on my quilting machine. I didn't like the way it turned out so it got tossed in a closet for a long time. I would take it out from time to time and pull out stitches. It made the move to NC from Indiana and then last Christmas it went back to In for something for me to work on for the long drive home. Finally got quilted last fall and I just finished binding it last night. It was a pretty red, green and white. Then I washed it... it is now red, green and pink. Guess this quilt was just not meant to be.