Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Weekend

Another weekend has flown by. I finally got my porch flower boxes planted but have a lot of attending to the landscaping to be done yet. I have never been this late planting and getting things shaped up in the yard before. I guess there has just been too much going on.

My daughter's dog Derby seems to be failing. He has been on medication to give him a little more time before the cancer takes him from us. He doesn't act sick, he still plays and does everything he always did except eat. His medication did help him to eat but he is beginning to slack off again. Such a hard time. This isn't the best picture of him, he is such a cutie. He knows what days I come to take care of Kendall and sits on the couch and watches out the window for me.

I did manage to get a customer quilt loaded and the quilting started. Also, a few DWR blocks made and another row of the CW swap quilt together. No sewing tonight. After cleaning, shopping, quilting and planting I'm ready for a good hot shower and off to bed for a little reading.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Many Projects

I have listed the projects that I have unearthed so far. I'm afraid there are many, many more. Yikes, I need to concentrate on these!

My friend Sylvia and I are challenging each other to get some projects finished up. I think it will be fun and motivating. My challenge for June is to finish the civil war swap block quilt, completely. I will also be working on the DWR and Neal and Monika's baby quilt. So much to do!!

Taking Control of Clutter

I spent last evening and this morning trying to organize my quilting. It seems to be taking over my house. I usually have someone stay at the house to care for my dogs when I go away. This always entails taking all the quilting stuff off the guest bed, moving it into the quiting room. When I return I have to move everything out of the quilting room to work. Enough. I am going to get this mess put away. I started with scraps. They seem to multiply. I have them in baskets, sacks and boxes. This morning I bought 2 big tubs and have one full, waiting by the cutting table. I still have some more to round up. The plan is to cut a little every day and get them organized. I will follow Bonnie Hunter's plan. I need to get some bins yet. Of course that means I will have to find a place to put the bins, which leads to cleaning out the closet and cabinets in the sewing room. It's just like a snowball, the job keeps getting bigger. That's what I will be doing this week and trying to squeeze in a few stitches on the never ending double wedding ring and loading and quilting a customer quilt.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally, computer is fixed

My computer is finally fixed. How I missed it!!! I need to get some of my pics transferred to CD to clean up some space yet.

We attended Brandon's graduation ceremony in Quantico, VA this past week. He is finished with his officer training but will now have to go to Maryland for 4 more weeks of training. He leaves on Tuesday.
After the ceremony we headed into DC for the afternoon. It has been many years since I last visited here when the kids were little. It was nice to go back. This is a picture of the unknown soldier's memorial. We saw the changing of the guard and a presentation of a wreath from a local school.

These are the graves of JFK and Jackie and two of their children.

Of course we had to walk by the White House.

And the Washington monument. We also visited the Lincoln monument and the VN memorial. By the time we got to the VN memorial it was getting dark, so no pics. The memorial was very crowded, lots of people looking for the names on the wall.

It was a beautiful day, very warm with a nice breeze. I don't think I have walked that much in one day in a very long time. I walked for another hour yesterday getting the back yard mowed so today I am going to sew. Hopefully get some of the DWR blocks together!! Tomorrow morning I may get the front yard done and some schrubs trimmed. I haven't even started planting flowers yet!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Neal and Natalie

Hope Sherry doesn't mind, I saved this to her pics so I could post it.

Welcome Natalie Jane

My son Neal and his wife Monika and little Dylan welcomed Natalie Jane into the family yesterday evening. Natalie is a month early!! Now I will have to hustle to get her quilt done. I am making a Baby Nines but don't even have it started yet.

I am waiting on pictures. They live in the Bay area so not sure when I will get to visit, thinking July, but just thinking as of now.

My computer is down so I can't post any pics of my latest projects. I finished the multi color socks and started another pair of toe up socks. I want to explore other techniques but wanted to get this one down before moving on. My next pair is in shades of blue and green. Really enjoying knitting again and getting together with other knitters on Friday evenings.

Today, before coming over to Kendall's to babysit, I worked on putting together my kitchen island. JCP had a 50% off sale plus free shipping. I had been thinking of getting an island for awhile so I ordered it. I'm glad I didn't have to pay postage since the box weighed 119#. That was a trick getting it in the door but after a little struggling I managed to get it inside. It hasn't been too hard to put together - hope to finish it tonight. Then I have to figure out where to move the computer desk that is in kitchen where I want to put the island.

On the sewing front I have gotten about 3 rows of the Civil War quilt put together. Need to order border fabrics yet. The t-shirt quilt is coming along. Ordered a bolt of backing and fill in fabric on Monday. I will be glad when that job is finished. Not much time to sew with the yard work. Sometimes I think I see a townhouse or condo in my future and other times I think I would miss the yard work.

Hope to get my computer fixed soon and get some pics posted.